Earn more money and get moregigs.

Multiply your earnings, get $40 per hour as a cleaner, or $80 per hour as an organiser, plus 10% off every item sold.

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You could increase your income by 10x by joining our professional cleaner program.
You could increase your income by 10x by joining our professional cleaner program.
You could increase your income by 10x by joining our professional cleaner program.
You could increase your income by 10x by joining our professional cleaner program.

Core Benefits

Earn from items sold

Find and collect items for us to sell and earn 10%  per sold item.

Steady stream of work

With Clean to Cash, you can enjoy a consistent flow of jobs, ensuring a steady income.

Get paid on time

We ensure you get paid promptly eliminating the stress of late or uncertain payments.

Choose your working days, hours and areas

Clean to Cash offers the flexibility to select the days, hours, and service areas that suit your preferences


Why Us?

We offer you a unique proposition

Other Platforms
More Earnings
Potential to earn a percentage of sales made from clients' unwanted items
Hourly or flat rate pay
More Flexibility
Choose jobs that fit your schedule and preferences
Fixed cleaning schedules
More Interesting Work
Clean, organise and work with customers to help find unwanted items
Limited to cleaning homes
More Support
7-day cleaner and organiser support
You are on your own
"Working for Clean to Cash gave me a steady stream of work. And the opportunity to earn from sold items is a real bonus!"
LAURA made an additional
$135 from sold items
""Previously I struggled to find work. Now, it is very regular and can earn extra for found and sold items - game-changer!"
Petra from Sans Souci
PETRA made an additional
$87 from sold items
"The best thing about Clean to Cash is that it isn't only about cleaning, but you also get to help people sell their preloved items"
MOHAMMAD made an additional
$63 from sold items

Step 01

Tell us about you

Fill out our application form with a copy of your passport and a short video of yourself


step 02


We contact you within 48h of your application to understand what you are looking for in the job and your preferences




After the interview we provide you with some basic training around what process to follow and what to look for.




We'll send you jobs based on your availability, location and expected pay. You choose and complete the jobs you want.



Treasure finding

During the job, you work with clients to uncover items they'd like to sell and the price for the items.



Get paid

Once you finish the job, you receive payments directly from us, with no invoicing required.



Pick up

Either we pick up the items for sale or you will take them to the Clean to Cash storage facility



You get paid more!

The items you found are listed online for 30 days. You receive a share of sales after an item is sold.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work as an organiser although I am cleaner?

If you want to become a professional organiser, we will help to upskill and train you so you can work on organising jobs.

How often will I receive jobs?

We work to match cleaners and organisers with clients based on their availability and location. How often you receive jobs depends on those two factors.

Will I need to provide my own cleaning or organising supplies?

You'll need to bring your own cleaning supplies to each job. Clean to Cash will pay for any storage supplies  -e.g. boxes or shelves -  if the job requires organising.

What if I have questions or concerns during a job?

Our team is available to support you every step of the way. You can reach us by phone or email at any time.

What if I can't make it to a scheduled job?

We understand that unexpected situations can arise. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule or cancel a job. You can do that through your dashboard.

When will I get paid?

You'll get paid within 24h day of completing each job. For each of the items you have uncovered and the customer has agreed to sale you'll receive a payment the day after each item gets sold. We expect items to get sold before 30 days.

How much can I expect to earn when the customers items get sold?

The percentage you receive will vary based on the item and sale price, but our cleaners and organisers typically earn between 5-15% of the sale price.

How much will I earn per hour?

Your earnings will depend on the scope and duration of each job. As an average, we pay $40 an hour for cleaning and $80 and hour for organising.