Terms and Conditions

Last Update: Sept 1st, 2023

Clean to Cash is a cleaning, organising and selling service that helps customers clean and organise their properties and sell unwanted items found during the cleaning and organising process. As a customer of Clean to Cash, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Clean to Cash is authorised to remove the unwanted items found during the decluttering process from your property for the purpose of selling them on your behalf.
  2. Clean to Cash will consult with you before putting any of your items up for sale to ensure that you agree with the selection and pricing of each item. You will have the opportunity to set a “minimum price” for each item that you are comfortable with. You grant permission for Clean to Cash to reduce or increase the selling price to maximise the value of the item. Clean to Cash commits to not lower the price by more than 30% from the agreed minimum price.
  3. Clean to Cash is authorised to sell the agreed items on your behalf.
  4. Clean to Cash to retain 25% of the selling price as payment for collecting, marketing and managing the selling of your items on various online platforms.
  5. If after 30 days your items aren't sold, you agree Clean to Cash will donate your items to a charity of your choice.